Rent a Girlfriend Malaysia
Renting a girlfriend or boyfriend might seem weird to some Malaysians, but the concept has
gained much popularity in the past few years. While it might seem like a way to take advantage
of desperate individuals Go Buddy App, it stresses the importance of a consensual relationship. Luckily, there
are several benefits to renting a GF in Malaysia. Listed below are some of the most notable
advantages. Read on to find out more.

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A new campaign from Lazada in Malaysia has a new twist: a service where you can hire a fake
girlfriend or boyfriend! It is the perfect way to escape nosy relatives or fend off jealous exes.
Lazada, an e-commerce giant, is offering this service as a Chinese New Year promotion.
However, it should be noted that this service is not officially available in China.
As part of its Chinese New Year campaign, Rent-A-Buddy Malaysia has started accepting
payments for platonic friendship. Those who want to be company for a short time can pay for a
Rent-A-Buddy and also donate to Zero Waste Malaysia, a nonprofit that educates the public on
waste reduction. In Malaysia, the idea of Rent-A-Buddy is still somewhat novel, but the concept
is a fascinating one.
Lazada GF vacancy postings
Job seekers looking for a fresh graduate job in the region will soon have the chance to find them
on Lazada’s website. The digital career fair will be accessible through a QR code, an in-app
homepage banner, and a search of “Jom Cari Kerja” on the Lazada app. The company is hoping
to make it easier for companies to market their vacancies to people looking for fresh graduates.

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Lazada’s Chinese New Year campaign
The Lazada-Malaysia e-commerce giant is offering its customers the option to rent a girlfriend or
boyfriend for the festive season. The campaign was inspired by relatives asking about the girls
and boys’ love lives during Chinese New Year. The concept is a social shopping feature known
as “Slash It”, where friends and family members can also participate. The campaign ends with a
Chinese New Year-themed video.
RentSmart Asia
If you’re looking for a way to meet new people, RentSmart Asia can be a great option. Its social
sharing platform and low prices encourage people to rent rather than buy, a concept that appeals
to many in Malaysia. The company also promotes sustainable living by encouraging users to
reuse and recycle items. This way, you can rent the items you need and don’t want. RentSmart
Asia is headquartered in Klang Valley, but plans to expand to Penang and Johor Baru in the
coming years.

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