Fortunately, time passes and with it, new things are emerging, as well as some outdated things that end up being left behind. And changes happen faster and faster, since within a year, everything can change. With that, we arrived in Generation Z, who are the young people of now who will succeed the millennials. The world is almost another place since they arrived and brought so much change.

Some Generation Z youth frequently comment , through social media, how their tastes are different from the ones of the past generation, the millennials. According to them, skinny jeans, for example, were “cancelled” altogether and left in the past. This made room for the wider models. This is just one of several examples of what young people today see as outdated. And it was thinking a little better about this that we decided to bring this article to you, dear reader. The newsroom of Unknown Facts searched and listed several things . Check with us below and share with your friends now.

What Generation Z Doesn’t Approve Of The Millennial Generation

1 – Millennials part their hair on the side

According to Generation Z, the best way to style your hair is to part it with a split in the middle. This is a hairstyle that, for them, shows more confidence. Meanwhile, the past generation used to part their hair on the side, arguing that this style won’t go out of style anytime soon. Interestingly, Millennials aren’t the only ones who are impressed by these Generation Z habits.

2 – Skinny jeans

Young people of the current generation advocate the end of skinny jeans. For them, these wider pants are much better. But, this trend is met with great resistance in the past generation, which is still not thinking about retiring the style.

3 – Harry Potter

Unlike millennials, young people of the current generation are not very fans of the wizarding saga. Past generations say that the Harry Potter films and books are fundamental in their lives and even claim that the magic of Hogwarts directly influenced their lives.

4 – Selfie taken from above

Taking a selfie with the camera high is a millennial thing, not a Generation Z thing. Also, today’s young people wonder why. The answer is quite simple: they want to see how they are doing. Apparently, selfies are mostly used by the past generation.

5 – Coffee

Coffee is among the favorite drinks of millennials, but it is something that is changing. The current generation prefers iced tea, latte, bubble tea and other variations of the drink.

6 – Regattas

In addition to skinny jeans, Generation Z also involved tank tops. They prefer cropped blouses to tank tops.

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